TAMPA — Donald Trump continued to assert that the system is “rigged” against him and labeled his opponent a criminal who should be in jail Monday during a raucous evening rally in Tampa that drew a large crowd. The rowdy event offered a sharp juxtaposition to the narrative that Trump’s campaign is on a steep … MORE>>
A presidential debate that started out relatively restrained and issue-focused ended up with the candidates assailing one another’s character and moral values Wednesday. Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a criminal. Clinton said Trump is “unfit and he proves it every time he talks.”  In other words, the final presidential debate of 2016 was emblematic of … MORE>>
With a few exceptions, Southwest Florida dodged a meteorological bullet Monday, as Tropical Storm Colin’s sloppy glancing blow created minor flooding, spotty power outages and beach erosion along the barrier islands. Disfigured by southwesterly wind shear as predicted, a lopsided Colin never achieved a rotational punch and stayed far offshore in the Gulf of Mexico … MORE>>
Presidential elections in Florida tend to be extremely close and the 2016 contest may be no different according to a new poll released Tuesday that has Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton locked in a virtual tie. Clinton received 43 percent support in the Quinnipiac University poll compared with 42 percent for Trump. The … MORE>>
Donald Trump WEST PALM BEACH — Donald Trump overwhelmed his Republican rivals in Florida Tuesday with a dominating win that knocked Marco Rubio out of the presidential race and demonstrated the broad appeal Trump’s pugnacious brand of politics has with the GOP base. Trump notched a double-digit blowout victory over Rubio in the U.S. senator’s home state, … MORE>>
The idea that an employer can fire someone simply because he or she is gay or a landlord can refuse to rent to that person is so distasteful to many Floridians that they already assume it is illegal, according to gay rights activists. It’s not, and legislation aimed at outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation … MORE>>
TALLAHASSEE — The outcry over the fate of a Manatee County dog that was slated for death after biting a four-year-old boy appears likely to prompt a change in state law. Legislation that gives dog owners the opportunity to challenge euthanasia decisions in severe dog bite cases cleared another House committee without opposition Wednesday. The … MORE>>
After a false start earlier this year, Southwest Florida supporters of GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio say a local fundraiser for the candidate is now back on. Harry Walia, a Venice businessman who is volunteering with the campaign, said he has a firm date of Jan. 11 for the event but has not selected a … MORE>>
Donald Trump is bringing his provocative brand of politics back to Sarasota next week, yet another sign that the GOP presidential candidate is playing to win in a state where former Gov. Jeb Bush and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio once were expected to dominate. Trump’s campaign announced he will hold an event at noon on … MORE>>
Sarasota, get ready to become Trump central. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign announced Friday that it will open an office in Sarasota and that local GOP chairman Joe Gruters is joining the Trump team as the Florida chairman. “My message is clearly resonating in Florida,” Trump said in a statement. “We have tremendous support from so … MORE>>