Ringling alumni help to haul in another Oscar
ICYMI: Punk bands pay tribute to Johnny Cash

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Sunday, sunday, sunday It’s here race fans, the Daytona 500 and the start of your racing season. At 2 p.m. Sunday, the Daytona International Speedway will be a buzz with racing cars and tons of fans. If you are not heading out there, grab some beer, wings and relax in front of the TV.     MORE>>
There is a distance between a server and guests, for a reason. I am at work, trying to be professional, trying to serve people the best I can.   Of course I joke around and will engage in conversation, within reason. If a table is really open and chatty, then I will bounce off that. … MORE>>
SARASOTA — The next Art, Rhymes & Beer is all about love, well, and BBQ, live art, and sounds by performers Ocean Symphony and Katrina Lilly. ARB is going into its second season and has three events scheduled in 2017, including the Saturday, Feb. 25 “Love Party.” The event is for a good cause, and … MORE>>
Happy Presidents’ Day! You know a lot about drinking and history. Do you know the drinking habits of our former Presidents? Take this quiz and see how well you do.   MORE>>
What’s your favorite ramen place in Sarasota? Yeah. That’s right. I can’t think of one either. Sarasota still hasn’t caught up to the ramen trend yet. Hell, we’re still focused on the artisan burger trend. (And really, artisan burgers were so 2010 in the larger metros.) But that’s besides the point. Lucky’s Market — the organic-focused … MORE>>
Like most, I’m sure you get up in the morning and check your phone. Maybe you check in to see what crazy things your friends did last night. Not me. I click two to three traffic and news apps to see how fast I have to get my butt out of the house and on … MORE>>
Took a family trip to the Florida State Fair last Saturday. That’s where Derek did the following: –         Milked a cow –         Fed goats –         Petted sheep –         Saw giraffes –         Munched on a corn dog –         Ate some cotton candy –         Drank nearly all of my lemonade –         Got his face painted –         Rode … MORE>>
Sometimes, smaller is better. That’s what Solomon Shenker says as he enthuses about reopening his Sol’s NYC Delicatessen inside the Il Panificio location at 6644 Gateway Ave. that serves as a landmark entrance to the vibrant Gulf Gate dining and entertainment district. Nick Melone, whose family owns and operates Il Panificio, has removed the cappuccino … MORE>>
The signs say World of Beer. So do the employees when answering the phones. But the tavern in downtown Sarasota isn’t a World of Beer. Not anymore. The Tampa-based chain revoked the franchise agreement for the tavern at 1888 Main St. last month, court records show. But the local watering hole that opened to great … MORE>>
Let’s revisit the patio. The last time I wrote about people sitting on the patio, I told you how people sit there, by choice, in the summer months, and complain that it is too hot.   Well now it is “cool” in Florida, and we have the same sort of thing going on. I am … MORE>>