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Evie’s debuting exclusive beer by Darwin Brewing Co.

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Ringling College of Art and Design  is still climbing up those ranks — now, it’s listed as  No. 16 in the Hollywood Reporter’s annual Top 25 Best Film Schools list. Ringling is the youngest film school on the list, having launched its film program in 2007. Special mentions? The college is building a new  30,000 square foot … MORE>>
Early in July, Blake Medical Center welcomed its first class of 15 resident physicians. These young doctors, who have graduated medical school but not passed their board certification exams, will be training nearly every day in the Bradenton hospital for the next three years, working 80 hours per week and soaking in everything they need … MORE>>
If you read our review of the Plump Sisters’ debut show and thought “I’d have gone, if it weren’t already over; THANKS A LOT, unravel,” well, this coming weekend is your chance to catch an encore performance of “Vaudeville’s Dead” at the Starlite Room. “Sisters” Eleanor and Ester Plump (writer/actors Parker Lawhorne and Kelly Leissler, respectively) will … MORE>>
Heads up, commuters, it’s back to school on Monday for the youth in Sarasota County. Guess what? Sarasota Police Department has zero tolerance for your speeding in school zones and passing school buses that have their stop signs out. Fines for speeding in school zones and passing school buses can range from $156 to $456. … MORE>>
State traffic engineers and consultants are looking at how to improve to the intersection of U.S. 41 and Gulfstream Avenue. Namely, the changes would be designed to increase pedestrian and bicycle connectivity between downtown and the the bayfront while improving traffic flow at the critical and often-overwhelmed gateway to Lido Key. How to do it? Well, one … MORE>>
It’s the weekend and you’re looking for something better to do than Netflix and Chill, right? We get it. While we all love our downtime after a busy work week we also like to go out and have fun. Here are just a few of the fun events happening this weekend that you should go … MORE>>
Got questions about Zika? So did a handful of people at the Herald-Tribune’s recent Zika forum. (I’ve got them too: I’m eight months pregnant and trying to stay calm about Zika, and I wrote about it here: Here are some of the most interesting questions from the forum. The experts answering questions were: Dr. Vilma Vega, … MORE>>
A new exhibit at SCF is showcasing a whole range of working womens' uniforms, some obvious and some surprising. MORE>>
Have you been waiting until Black Friday to invest in a stupidly big TV? Is your MacBook from college finally on its death bed? (Like my roommate’s.) Is your iPhone screen shattered? (Like mine.) Or do you just have a fascination (but not the budget) for the latest and greatest gadgets? Well, this is your … MORE>>
I believe in fate. I believe fate comes in many forms. Like a $50 gift card and Louies Modern cocktails. I knew Katy had been planning to go to Europe in August. Her friend from college is getting married in France. Side notes: I apparently didn’t choose my college friends wisely. And Katy obviously downgraded … MORE>>