There is a distance between a server and guests, for a reason. I am at work, trying to be professional, trying to serve people the best I can.   Of course I joke around and will engage in conversation, within reason. If a table is really open and chatty, then I will bounce off that. … MORE>>
SARASOTA — The next Art, Rhymes & Beer is all about love, well, and BBQ, live art, and sounds by performers Ocean Symphony and Katrina Lilly. ARB is going into its second season and has three events scheduled in 2017, including the Saturday, Feb. 25 “Love Party.” The event is for a good cause, and … MORE>>
Let’s revisit the patio. The last time I wrote about people sitting on the patio, I told you how people sit there, by choice, in the summer months, and complain that it is too hot.   Well now it is “cool” in Florida, and we have the same sort of thing going on. I am … MORE>>
We thought it couldn’t be worse after hearing about a guest wanting us to sing their special birthday song. IT GOT WORSE.   Courtesy of   Take a walk with me: A man sits at the bar. Man orders a chocolate cake. It is his daughter’s birthday. The daughter isn’t there. He wants the … MORE>>
There's a tiny new building on The Ringling's campus, part of the Asian Art Center: a traditional Japanese tea house, like what would have been used for a standard tea ceremony. MORE>>
May I see your ID? “What, you don’t think I look old enough?”   If you look under 30, we are supposed to ask. So you’re welcome for thinking you are young, first of all. Second of all, even if you are 50, if you want to drink at a restaurant, you should have your … MORE>>
Was this real life? Yes, it was. I am so glad that this wasn’t my table.   Let’s break this horrific sight down: So a table comes in, late. They rack up a near $400 check. They complain and get a few dishes for free. And it is someone’s birthday. Of course it is.   … MORE>>
You want some food, and you may not feel like sitting down, or tipping. So you order a $100 to-go order, you tip $0, and then you leave. Do you think that’s ok? IT’S NOT. Courtesy of   Someone still had to take your order, put it in correctly, bag it up correctly, etc. … MORE>>
I am sick of people leaving notes in lieu of a proper tip.   I can’t exchange compliments at the bank for my car payment, rent, or grocery bill.   Also your insults are unnecessary. Just leave “0.00” in the tip line and move on. There is no need to be an even bigger jerk. … MORE>>
The seed for Tampa Bay indie rock darlings DieAlps! was planted nearly a decade ago when Connie and Frank Calcaterra met. An Austrian native, Connie was visiting the States as an au pair, and when her year here was nearly up, she met Frank. She went back to Austria, but the two kept in touch. … MORE>>