When I graduated high school, I told myself I wouldn’t move back to Sarasota. There was nothing to do for an 18-year-old except to go to the beach, watch movies at the Hollywood 20 or go bowling. It was boring. But I got a job with the Herald-Tribune right out of college and moved back … MORE>>
If you’re not from here, you’re probably confused as to why grown-ass men and women lose their minds when they talk about Snooty the manatee. I mean, he’s just a manatee, you might say to yourself. All he does is float around and eat cabbage. What’s so special about that? But everything Snooty does is special, … MORE>>
My morning coffee came with an unusual side dish today: salted, roasted crickets. Joel, a barista at Pastry Art in Downtown Sarasota, was offering them to customers. At first I thought it was a joke, like he caught a bunch of unsavory bugs and was trying to gross out his favorite customers before throwing them … MORE>>
Nate Quinn’s advocacy for transgender students, like himself, at Pine View School have taken Quinn from a quiet, confused teenager who longed to feel comfortable in his own skin to a vocal advocate for the transgender and queer communities. On Saturday, Quinn will be the keynote speaker at Sarasota’s Harvey Milk Festival, which celebrates the … MORE>>
Miss reading books filled with illustrations? Long to be one of the people who can say “the book was better” when the next superhero movie comes out? Tytan Comics in Downtown Bradenton has you covered. The comic book shop/ tattoo parlor, located at 306 12th St. W., is giving away free books as part of … MORE>>
I was only about 7 when my grandmother bestowed several important life lessons upon me: If a gator starts chasing you on land, always run in a zig-zag. Don’t climb up a tree, because they can sometimes wriggle their way 4-feet up the trunk. If a gator snags you in the water, try to grab … MORE>>
Kelsey Grondahl couldn’t stop thinking about the butt. It popped onto her phone screen as she scrolled through Tinder about a month ago. A 30-year-old, who said he was a project manager, featured himself naked in his profile picture – chin in his hands and bare butt displayed prominently in the background. Kelsey, 24,  saved the photo to … MORE>>
If you live in Sarasota or Manatee counties, you know one thing to be true: Finding a rental or house you can afford is like finding a unicorn. Young people here have been talking about it for years, fuming over the lack of housing availability and the sky-high prices for dinky units. Business leaders have … MORE>>
Lakewood Ranch will soon be home to its own HuB-style coworking space and startup incubator. CoWorkLWR will officially open its doors June 1, but its founders are throwing a pre-kickoff party Friday, April 29 at the Polo Grill Bar in Lakewood Ranch, located at 10670 Boardway Loop. Coworking is a term used when people who … MORE>>
Students who applied to New College of Florida may want to get a broom when they receive letters detailing their admission status. Most colleges just send letters starting with “Congratulations!” or email a link that shows whether the student was accepted. But New College sends sunglasses and confetti along with its acceptance letters. Weeks or … MORE>>