Ashes rained down on students and faculty Tuesday on the campus of Ringling College of Art & Design when a fire broke out on the roof of a four-story building under construction as part of the Richard and Barbara Basch Visual Arts Center. The fire was contained to the rooftop and third floor of the … MORE>>
Yesterday, Sarasota’s Ringling College of Art and Design debuted their $18 million Alfred R. Goldstein Ringling College Library on the first day of students’ Spring semester classes. The opening began with a collegiate tradition, a “passing of the books” ceremony that had 250 faculty, administrators and students lined up to pass 200 of the last … MORE>>
The little juice box shaped like a calculator had run out of, well, juice. It sat, slumped and sad, as other plump juicebox-calculators launched into the air like rockets. Suddenly, an orange enters the picture to refuel our hungry hero. Sated, the juice box jumps into a child’s backpack to continue its mission of nourishing … MORE>>
Many years ago, painter Scott Gordley was a student at Ringling College of Art and Design. Now, he’s back in Sarasota as Ringling’s Head of Illustration. Here are some highlights from the Herald-Tribune’s interview with him. MORE>>
Being able to lounge on grass or walk around and talk while listening to some dope brand-new music with friends? Sign me up. MORE>>
If people put everything from groceries to gas on credit cards to earn rewards, why not college tuition? Many colleges and universities let you pay with plastic, and some people do. But it can be a very poor financial decision, and it may cost you more in the long run. Sallie Mae’s report “How America … MORE>>
Ringling College of Art and Design  is still climbing up those ranks — now, it’s listed as  No. 16 in the Hollywood Reporter’s annual Top 25 Best Film Schools list. Ringling is the youngest film school on the list, having launched its film program in 2007. Special mentions? The college is building a new  30,000 square foot … MORE>>
You’ve spent all summer looking forward to it. You already know what your room will look like, have survived orientation and you’re ready to start what everyone calls the best years of your life. But no one ever talks about the first few weeks. So how do you survive the first few weeks of college? … MORE>>
New College of Florida has always been a hub for knowledge in Sarasota. This past year, two New College students took that idea one step further. Naimul Chowdhury, 26, and Alexander Koutelias, 18, developed a quiz bowl team at New College this past academic year. Similar to trivia, quiz bowl tests teams on a wide … MORE>>
Students who applied to New College of Florida may want to get a broom when they receive letters detailing their admission status. Most colleges just send letters starting with “Congratulations!” or email a link that shows whether the student was accepted. But New College sends sunglasses and confetti along with its acceptance letters. Weeks or … MORE>>