Location: St. Petersburg, Fl Known For: Having the world record in most consecutive days of sunshine (768 days), vibrant arts scene, Tropicana Field, The Vinoy (on the national register of historic places) and having a younger demographic than Sarasota. Getting there: 45 Minute drive from Sarasota. Stay: I booked my first AirBnB for $77/night. It was … MORE>>
A few of weeks ago, on my first day visiting my family in Wisconsin, I woke with a start (still on Eastern Time) and bounded out the door to the gym. As I excitedly made up a series of 5 tabatta workouts including battle ropes, V-ups, and box jumps, I spotted the sled. After spotting … MORE>>
Your wardrobe decisions are critical no matter what situation in which you find yourself. Here are 8 essentials you need to rock. The Power Suit Needed for: Interviews, work, or just to look businessey in general. What works: A skirt suit and pumps. It’s feminine and sassy. Pants suits are okay too, but come on, your legs are … MORE>>
I know how it goes. You stayed up late watching the finals. You feel inspired by the athleticism and passion you witnessed. You also need sleep. You also have a job. You also want to get ripped, shredded, jacked and cut up. Here are a few of my favorite 20 minute grind sessions for when you are long on … MORE>>
I am a carnivore at heart but lately I have been making a conscious effort to increase my fruits and veggies. No, I did not become a vegetarian, raw foodist, vegan, fruitarian or macrobiotic celeb dieter (side eyes at Madge and Gwyneth). Just adding more plant powers. Here are 5 easy nutrition tips I love at the … MORE>>
When I moved to Sarasota from Chicago nearly a year ago, I had no idea what dating in a smaller city would be like. Back in the windy city, I barely ever ran into former boyfriends or “the group” except for that one Halloween when I dressed as an U.S. Olympic gold medal gymnast clad … MORE>>
I first met Stephanie Soffer at one of Matt Freeland’s boot camps in the summer of 2014. When Matt insisted she step up to use the heavy kettlebell, I felt a serious girl crush coming on. (I wasn’t there yet, muscularly.) When she complimented me on my pigtail french braids, our friendship was official. Steph invited me … MORE>>