When Jared Serfozo first saw drones being sold in America, the technology caught his attention. “I had to have one,” he said. Serfozo is a videographer who makes training videos for a software company. But he has freelanced for others on the side since he was in high school. Since purchasing his first drone, Serfozo … MORE>>
Once upon a time, we thought treasure hunts were the people we read about in our childhood fantasy books. At least, that’s what I thought. Until my dad introduced me to geocaching. Geocaching isn’t entirely new, mind you. This introduction happened when I was in early middle school. (For context, I’m 21 now). People began … MORE>>
Walk into Mercantile Home & Apparel on Main Street, and you’ll be surrounded by cool colors, soft lighting and calm music. The store sells a mix of women’s apparel, fashion, home decoration and gifts. It has a chill vibe, kind of like its owners, Laura and Cameron Reed. When the Reeds had their second child … MORE>>
Saturday is National Trails Day, according to the American Hiking Society. So what better day to check out the local parks? We’ve found five great places in Sarasota to hit the trails.     Celery Fields 6799 Palmer Blvd These fields are known as a destination for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts, as well as … MORE>>