Derek occasionally gets homework assignments from daycare. It mostly consists of him learning how to trace his own name, and some very simple math problems – simple if you’re way above the age of 4, that it is. But it’s homework nonetheless. And we want Derek to know the importance of school, especially since he’ll … MORE>>
Derek has decided he wants to be a firefighter when he gets older. Keep in mind he’s 4 and he can’t decide what color pajamas he wants to wear to bed. So that may change. But the good thing is I have used this to our advantage. Derek wants to grow and big to become … MORE>>
I hate eggs. Hate them. You can scramble them, poach them, make them sunny side up, and then you can go ahead and stuff yourself because I want nothing to do with them. I have a hard time watching people eat eggs. I liked French toast until someone told me it was nothing more than … MORE>>
Christina had two art classes to teach last Saturday, so Derek and I headed to Tampa to take in a New York Yankees spring training game. We each got a free collapsible water bottle for just walking through the gate.  We munched on a terribly overpriced pizza for lunch. And Derek got to run the bases … MORE>>
Welcome to another episode of Derek Chats! Derek is climbing a stool in my office. Me: “Derek, be careful, please.” Derek: “Careful is my middle name.” Me: “Oh, my God. Where did you learn that?” Derek: “It really is my middle name.” Drove by the garage where I purchased a new tire. Pointed it out … MORE>>
We’ve decided to pay Derek in stickers. Well, we’re not paying him. Rather, we’re doing what our pediatrician referred to as “positive reinforcement.” If Derek brushes his teeth in the morning, he gets a sticker. He gets another if he brushes his teeth at night, too. If Derek goes to bed without a fuss – … MORE>>
When Christina made eggplant parmesan last week, she had to keep the pasta sauce away from three pieces because Derek doesn’t like sauce. I promised Derek I’d make him wings a few weeks ago. “OK, but don’t put any wing sauce on mine,” Derek said, pointing his finger for added emphasis. There was a mini-crisis Tuesday morning … MORE>>
Took a family trip to the Florida State Fair last Saturday. That’s where Derek did the following: –         Milked a cow –         Fed goats –         Petted sheep –         Saw giraffes –         Munched on a corn dog –         Ate some cotton candy –         Drank nearly all of my lemonade –         Got his face painted –         Rode … MORE>>
The Internet has ruined children’s birthday parties for me.   All you read about are these wrenching stories of kids who invited dozens of friends to the local pizza place or burger joint only for none of their friends to arrive. Some even came with pictures of the birthday boy or girl blowing out their … MORE>>
Derek turns 4 on Thursday. It’s a milestone that fills me up with hope and wonder and happiness. Year 3 with Derek was easily the most challenging and rewarding one Christina and I have faced since becoming parents. On one side, Derek’s intelligence and maturity has skyrocketed. I’ll watch videos from Christmas of 2015 and … MORE>>