There's a tiny new building on The Ringling's campus, part of the Asian Art Center: a traditional Japanese tea house, like what would have been used for a standard tea ceremony. MORE>>
FST is bringing back its hardcore Stage III productions, starting off with "Stalking the Bogeyman" Jan.4-20. They're the definition of trigger warning, and hope to spark conversations in the community about difficult topics. MORE>>
Wherever Natalie Helm goes, Ricky follows. At this point, she’s so familiar with the weight of carrying him on her back she forgets he is there. It happened just a few weeks ago, when she stopped for a bottle of wine on her way home from a concert. “Excuse me,” said a woman behind her, grumpily … MORE>>
Fabulous director Wes Anderson works on commercials sometimes too — and his advice on what makes a good story is pretty golden. According to him, you need: A dash or two of humor A strong seasonal feel, but not to excess A compelling story line with an air of intrigue Always include a dog. Always. … MORE>>
Want to check out the highlights of the local arts scene at a super discounted rate? The Culture Collective is where it's at. MORE>>
There are more ways than just voting to make a difference in your community. We Unraveled them for you, so you don't have to do an extensive search. MORE>>
The Chalk Festival returns to Venice this weekend, featuring nearly 250 artists, including Kurt Wenner, the inventor of 3D chalk art. Trust me, you know his work, and it's phenomenal. MORE>>
You know how art is usually a "ooh look at that pretty thing" and then move on to thinking about it sort of experience? This is not one of those things. MORE>>
I first discovered “Hamilton: the Musical” the same way most non-New Yorkers did: by listening to the cast album when it was released last fall. And then I listened again, and again. Nearly a year later, “Hamilton” has changed my life. I listen to the cast album several times through a day, not to mention … MORE>>
National Theatre Live is bringing encores of favorite plays to select screenings this fall. The best part? This professional theater experience is only $20. MORE>>